14EK/OG (Olympic Games ) 2024

14EK/OG (Olympic Games ) 2024. Spécial Event Station.

Date: June 26 to September 1, 2024 (inclusive).

Qsl Manager: 14EK555 Thomas – Contact email: 14ek555@gmail.com

Address: AGSC83 (not name,.. not QRZ on enveloppe) –

P.o Box 504 –  83470 St Maximin la Ste Baume – FRANCE.

There will be a special printed Qsl card and an eQsl also for who will want.

The contribution is € 2 via PayPal (for only QSL Card) & Eqsl free possible for the Dx cluster only.


There will be 5 stations and one joker activating it will also be necessary to contact the 5 stations to establish the word GAMES .

It makes a little extra challenge in addition to activation.

Forecast stations:

14EK/OG – Letter “G” 14EK021 Steve;

14EK/OG – Letter “A” 14EK023 Olivier;

14EK/OG – Letter “M” 14EK037 Jean-Paul;

14EK/OG – Letter  “E” 14EK555 Thomas.

14EK/OG – Letter  “S” 14EK602 Chistophe ;

14EK/OG – Letter  “J” (JOKER) 14EK620 Pierre


If you have contacted 4 or 5 stations, please return a log sheet with contacts to 14EK021 Steve to 14ek021@gmail.com receive the AWARDS.

 73’s Steve


Best’s 73’s – Salutations

14EK021 Steve

Vice Coordinateur France – World HQ Member

Official Designer of the EK Group.

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