Looking back 2023 and outlook 2024 EK DX Com. Group

Looking back 2023 and outlook 2024 EK DX Com. Group

Hello to all EK members and to your families, the year 2023 is coming to an end and it will be time to keep still and look back, but also to do a look into the future.
First of all, in memory of our deceased members and their families, I would like to ask you to observe a moment of silence and put the microphone aside. It is always associated with suffering and pain to lose a loved one or a friend.
In a time like we have seen in 2023, with war, natural disasters, hunger and suffering in the world, we are fortunate to still be able to pursue our hobby. Our hobby connects people all over the world, no matter what race, skin color, religion or other things. . . ! Friendships are created around the world and are nurtured every day.
We at EK have had an exciting, stormy and not always easy year. With the EK website and our new EK shop we have created a great thing that will take EK further forward in the future. Thanks to our administrators, especially Kostas 90EK101 for this excellent work. A year ago we started with under 900 members and are now almost 1200 !!! This of course also means more work, especially Marco13EK666 is active every day for EK several hours in the background to do everything. In order to offer all members the opportunity to help with questions or problems in your language, and to relieve the HQ we have also got some new Area Managers, take advantage of this opportunity !!! All necessary contacts can be found on our EK website.
A sad chapter, which causes me pain and incomprehension to many managers and members, is the constant hostility of other DX groups especially by the AT group. ,Attempts to recruit EK members and also managers are the order of the day. It is a pity that arises from envy and resentment by others for anger. We at the EK will not go to such a level and will continue to do so in the future. A year with many activities such as contests, fielddays, challenges, meetings, work on and in the EK Clubstation is coming to an end. It was a super successful year for us with many winners !! EK is one off the best all over !
Also for 2024 we will start many activities, there will be a big meeting in Germany and contests etc. , we will send you an appointment calendar at the end of January.
In order to manage all the work, events, profits/prizes, expenses for the group, we are still dependent on your donations in 2024.
Here I would like to thank all the members from all my heart for your donations in 2023 !! Only with your help is it possible to finance such a great group. THANK YOU !!! Thank you to all the helpers, admin, moderators, managers and members at EK for this year 2023 for your support.
Christmas is coming in a few hours, we wish you and your families a peaceful, healthy, quiet Christmas. and for the year 2024 a good and successful start in health and of course always with SUPER Propagation. In eternal connection and with the pride of the world to be the coordinator of a super community, I wish you a Merry Christmas !!!!

73s Toni 13EK111 World Coordinator EK DX Com. Group

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