EK DX Community Christmas Challenge 2023

Christmas Challenge 2023

Participation is open to all EK members on 11m Band FM/SSB

Start 22.12.2023 0.00 UTC
End 30.12.2023 23.59 UTC

A registration is necessary !!! by sending a email to
or WhatsApp to EK management to come on the registration list.

Conditions of participation:
Each EK member calls with his EK Callsign and writes his contact in Clusterdx.nl. If you have not registered in clusterdx.nl contact our Moderator for clusterdx.nl Marco 13EK666 for help.

At least 30 worked contacts(no double QRZ) must be entered in the clusterdx.nl /log in the competition period. !!!

Only then can you get into the lottery box and win a nice prize.

1.  Radio SS7900 New Version special Edition Sponsored by Alex Radio Shop
2. SS6900 New Version Special edition Sponsored Alex Radio Shop
3. 3Element Yagi Sponsored by Max from Smartech Antennas
4. 3D printed QRZ sign by 3dhampartseu
5. 3D printed QRZ sign by 3dhampartseu
6 .3D printed QRZ sign by 3dhampartseu
7 .EK logo T-shirt
8 .EK logo T-shirt
9 .EK logo Basecap
10 .EK logo Basecap

11. to 20. more prizes are coming soon

20 winners will be drawn from all EK members who have made at least 30 spots in the cluster.

This means that all members have the same chances, no matter what equipment they work with, and not just Big Guns!

The winners will be announced on our EK website in the new year 2024.


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