EK DX Group 11m Band World Contest 2023 Results

‼️Information Winner EK World Contest 2023‼️

Congratulations to all Starter in our nice EK World Contest

Great and a lot contact’s around the world last weekend.

All Operator which really worked the contest are in the Winner list. Some OP can’t work because different reasons so I put them not on the list with 0 points now .

The Top 5 which get a special cup are

NR.1 102EK/HQ Bader

NR.2 13EK000
Thorsten Jürgen Joe Jörg Robert Frank

NR.3 91EK/HQ

NR.4 31EK688

NR.5 1EK156

Special DX from Dima 50EK010 the most contact’s with over 212 in log.

All participants will get a certificate with their place.
I send by WhatsApp or email.

Thank you for the great DX to all EK member.
73s Toni 13EK111 World Coordinator EK DX Community Group

All Results can be found in the file

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