EK DX Group 11m Band World Contest 2023

Start 02.09.2023 0.01 UTC
End 03.092023 12.00 UTC
(only 36 hours)
Rules: Participants:
All members of the EK DX group

Registration here !!!

Send a email with your Callsign you want start to ekheadquarter@gmail.com

Click on download for the log.

73s Toni 13EK111 World Coordinator EK DX Community Group

We work without !!! Progressive Numbers.
27000MHz -27800MHz USB,LSB,FM,AM only
CQ EK WC on 27555Mhz and QSY. 27600 up or 27500 down..!!! no QSO T5 !

Please don’t use 27500.. 27635….27245…27.700

Points system:
Contact: EK HQ 50 points, EK -EK 10 points, EK to no EK 1 point,
other countries +5 points, other continent +20 points, each DXCC +10 points
13EK111 – 23EK100 5+20+10+10 =45 points
13EK111-13DB001 1+10 points = 11 points
and so on see above…
All contacts are to be sent in Clusterdx.nl. Important without comment Contest and progressive numbers Normal contact only. The QSOs sent will also be used later to check contacts.
1-5 prize cups
4-10 certificate
The ranking will later be published on the EK website and EK Facebook page.

We wish all participants a lot of success and fun!
EKDX Community Group

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