EK Christmas Challenge 2022

Participation is open to all EK members.

Start 18.12.2022 0.00 UTC
End 24.12.2022 23.00 UTC

A registration is not necessary.

Conditions of participation:
Each EK member calls with his EK Callsign and mocks (writes) his contact in Clusterdx.nl.
At least 20 contacts must be entered in the cluster in the competition period. !!! Only then can you get into the lottery box and win a nice prize. 10 winners will be drawn from all EK members who have made at least 20 spots in the cluster. This means that all members have the same chances, no matter what equipment they work with, and not just Big Guns!

The winners will be announced on our EK website in the new year 2023.


Winner list

10. Place Micheal 43EK910 ( Cup with Ek dx group logo )
9. Place Neto 3EK380 ( Cup with Ek dx group logo )
8.Place Mauro 1EK156 ( Cup with Ek dx group logo )
7.Place Gary 68EK222 ( Cup with Ek dx group logo )
6.Place Javier 30EK069 ( Cup with Ek dx group logo )
5.Place Simi 233EK124 ( Cup with Ek dx group logo )
4.Place Jim 108EK888 ( Cup with Ek dx group logo )
3.Place Karsten 13EK696 ( T-Shirt and a Cap with the EKCallsign )
2.Place Coky 91EK422 ( swr & power meter )
1.Place Steve 9EK945  ( J pole Antenna )



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