EK Mystery Christmas Winner Challenge

DX Community Group presents a new Christmas 11m Band DX Challenge from December 11th, 2021 to December 31st, 2021.

With a little luck and lots of QSOs with EK members, you can win valuable prizes and certificates.

1st prize Radio SS6900 Special Edition powered by Soko- Electronics Sven 13EK1001
2nd Prize 3 Element Yagi Special Edition powered by Smartech Antennen Max. 1EK111
3rd Prize Spider Ray Build by Darek 1EK050
4th Prize Special callsign plate from Bannerwinkel.
4th Prize Special callsign plate from Bannerwinkel.

Participation is possible for every 11m DX operator and all radio fans are cordially invited. The first 5 winners receive valuable material prizes and everyone can receive a certificate.
11 secret EK DX stations distributed around the world and 2 EK Joker stations will try to get as many DX contacts as possible on the 11m band during the above period. None of the 11 Secret Operators know the other 10. Talk to as many EK stations as you can around the world and be lucky to get some or all of the Secret EK Stations in your log.

If you are lucky, you will also be in contact with one or both of the EK Jokers. EK members have to register all their contacts in Clusterdx.nl. For other participants there is also the possibility to enter the contacts with EK in Clusterdx.nl or to send us their log by email to EKHeadquarters@gmail.com. The log letter must be sent by all 10.01.22, after that no more evaluation. The EK jokers are not eligible to win and receive a certificate.

The winner is whoever works most of the Top Secret 11 EK stations. In the event of a tie, the number of jokers or the lot will decide. Win great prizes and talk to EK Member. The EK HQ team wishes you lots of fun and happiness.

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