EK UEFA Challenge

Dear members,

from friday EK Group starting the UEFA challenge. All members can participate into this with a special callsign like
19EK/UEFA/A, 19EK/UEFA/B or 13EK/UEFA/A ect, ect.

For each country the challenge will stop when your footballteam is out of the game. The special UEFA callsigns can be request over mail to ekheadquarters@gmail.com

Be aware that you are not permitted to spot your special callsign into ClusterDX, you must be spotted by others. For the winner we send a nice price.

The winner is the EK member who participate with the most spotted calls. And the other winner is the regular station “not matter wich group” who spotted the most EK UEFA stations.

Update list on 08-06-2021 11:45 with participants into this event.

13EK/UEFA/A by 13EK111
13EK/UEFA/B by 13EK426
13EK/UEFA/C by 13EK392
13EK/UEFA/D by 13EK158
13EK/UEFA/E by 13EK101
14EK/UEFA/A by 14EK011
19EK/UEFA/A by 19EK111
19EK/UEFA/B by 19EK242
19EK/UEFA/C by 19EK177
26EK/UEFA/A by 26EK720
26EK/UEFA/B by 26EK827
30EK/UEFA/A by 30EK264
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