Finally results of our Christmas time contest

Dear participants into our Christmas Contest, we have the finally results about this event. 1071 unique contacts are made, 120 of them where contact between EK members.

1e place: 13EK111 – 223 points
2e place: 19EK222 – 113 points
3e place: 13EK158 – 105 points
4e place: 19EK111 – 101 points
5e place: 13EK101 – 90 points

The first 3 get their price send by postal service The T-shirt with EK unit on it was by lotery and is gone to 19EK017 Monique.

For all others (64) participants) we send the contest certificate by mail, whatsapp or messenger.

I want to send the certificates for Christmas contest but don’t have all of your email adresses.
I looked up into cluster for it but most have hidden email and much are not registrated in cluster.

To obtain you certificate please send your callsign and your email adress to:
As soon as we have your email you will receive your certificate in one day.

Thanks all for making this a great succes.

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