50 EK members participate into Christmas Contest

Dear members, we are proud to let you know that till know 50 members of our group signed in to participate our Christmas Contest. For sure we hope the list will be getting longer but for now we see that all members are interested into our group and like to join. We wish everybody good luck to go to the highest score.

29EK029 David 29EK029/CT/A
13EK111 Toni 13EK111/CT/A
13EK101 Udo 13EK101/CT/B
30EK264 Sergio 30EK264/CT/A
26EK720 Nigel 26EK720/CT/A
3EK333 Rogerio 3EK333/CT/A
91EK112 Juned 91EK112/CT/A
57EK010 Himangshu 57EK010/CT/A
4EK011 Dani 4EK011/CT/A
30EK555 Mike 30EK555/CT/B
13EK666 Marco 13EK666/CT/C
19EK111 Wim 19EK111/CT/A
19EK555 Jan 19EK555/CT/D
19EK007 Stephan 19EK007/CT/C
13EK026 Adam 13EK026/CT/D
30EK010 Manuel 30EK010/CT/C
91EK343 Doni 91EK343/CT/B
19EK222 Henk 19EK222/CT/E
13EK158 Frank 13EK158/CT/E
19EK2007 John 19EK2007/CT/B
13EK013 Jürgen 13EK013/CT/F
91EK333 Tulus 91EK333/CT/C
19EK123 Teun 19EK123/CT/F
26EK707 Glen 26EK707/CT/B
30EK101 Toni 30EK101/CT/D
13EK555 Jörg 13EK555/CT/G
13EK708 Dirk 13EK707/CT/H
14EK010 Pascal 14EK010/CT/A
14EK040 Francky 14EK040/CT/B
91EK422 Coky 91EK422/CT/D
19EK017 Monique 19EK017/CT/G
91EK123 Made 91EK123/CT/E
1EK011 Pino 1EK011/CT/A
91EK010 Joni B 91EK010/CT/F
4EK010 Manuel 4EK010/CT/B
108EK010 Paul 108EK010/CT/A
161EK724 Tomek 161EK724/CT/A
19EK787 Kevin 19EK787/CT/H
331EK555 Josip 331EK555/CT/A
331EK444 Vedran 331EK444/CT/B
13EK887 Rene 13EK887/CT/I
1EK012 Sandro 1EK012/CT/B
14EK064 Alain 14EK064/CT/C
91EK512 Josep 91EK512/CT/G
161EK007 Robert 161EK007/CT/B
79EK214 Norman 79EK214/CT/A
30EK081 Juan 30EK081/CT/E
13EK970 Willi 13EK970/CT/J
9EK945 Steve 9EK945/CT/A
6EK033 Jairo 6EK033/CT/A

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