EK UEFA Challenge

June 7, 2021 Admin 0

Dear members, from friday EK Group starting the UEFA challenge. All members can participate into this with a special callsign like 19EK/UEFA/A, 19EK/UEFA/B or 13EK/UEFA/A […]

Special Activation 14EK/DD

June 5, 2021 Admin 0

Special Activation 14EK/DD by 14EK040 Francky. QSL can be done by E-QSL, no contribution needed. Start- and enddate will be 06-06-2021 You can download the […]

11 meter & PMR fieldays

May 24, 2021 Admin 0

The 2021 edition of Field Day is coming soon. The first session will take place from Saturday June 26, 2021 to Sunday June 27, 2021. […]