Echo Kilo is the group who organizing awards on the 11 meter band. We obtain the awards for all operators on 11 meter band. We deliver them over email as a beautiful .PDF certificate into the size of A4 (30cm x 21cm. To obtain an award you can send your request to, after receiving your request we send you a PayPal link to pay a little fee for the award. Prices to obtain awards are as below:

Echo Kilo members: First award is for free, price of all other requested awards are 2 euro for each one. We use this money for cover the cost of domainname and hosting.
Send in your request the award(s) you want and for each award the number of worked countries, provinces, regions etc.

If you are not an Echo Kilo member but want also to order an award you can follow the steps above and let us know your current callsign so we can put that one onto the award.

For now we have available awards wich are listed on this page, more avaiable soon:

Click any award to show a bigger example