Echo Kilo Community is a free group for all who like our radio hobby.
However we do have some yearly costs, just as domain registration, hosting from the website and also buying and sending prices when we having a contest. For that reason we like to give a special thanks to all members of the group who did support us with this.

Donations 2021 where comming from:
1EK050 – Darius
13EK012 – Andrew
13EK111 – Toni
13EK123 – Andre Miehe
13EK158 – Frank
13EK222 – Stefan
13EK666 – Marco
13EK880 – Markus
14EK040 – Franky
15EK010 – Zeno
19EK111 – Wim

Donations 2020 where comming from:
001EK017 – Luciano
013EK011 – Edgar
013EK026 – Adam
013EK077 – Andreas
013EK111 – Toni
013EK123 – Andre
013EK158 – Frank
013EK187 – Patrik
013EK392 – Jo
013EK620 – Markus
013EK666 – Marco
013EK999 – Marcel
014EK277 – Eric
019EK111 – Wim
030EK124 – Francisco
068EK1954 – Graham