Activation STAY HOME BE SAVE [27.570]

EK DX special activation on 27.570

“stay home and be safe”
From today, March 28th, 2020 to April 30th, 2020, we want to inform the EK DX Community Group of the danger of further spreading of Covid 19 and send everyone the message: “Stay at home and be safe there”! This message is for you, your families, all people worldwide to protect you and to prevent further spread.
If possible, the special call should be sent from every country in which we have EK members.
All members can / should take turns … so that everyone has the opportunity to work with the call sign …!
An agreement within each country is to be clarified with each other. Who calls when with the special call sign …. !!!!
The member who works with the call sign may not scoff in himself !!!!
You can only be mocked by the worked stations !!!!
Special call sign is: Example:

13EK / SHBS (Stay Home be Safe)
and so on …..

Please clarify with each other in each division who takes part …!
You can also write to me on Whatsapp or to my email and I will try to coordinate it.
Anyone who has any questions will contact me ..!
Good luck and health, good propagation with lots of contacts …
wishes the EK headquarters !!

73s Toni 13EK111 World Coordinator for the EK DX Community Group


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